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Carlos Lee A Fit For Tigers After Victor Martinez Injury?

After the Detroit Tigers Victor Martinez suffered the dreaded ACL tear and has probably seen his 2012 written off, they are casting about for a DH-type to fill the void. There are a huge number of options, and Jon Paul Morosi mentions a few, one of which is Carlos Lee.


Ignoring Lee's defense, in 2011 he put up a solid above average campaign, putting up a 117 OPS+. In recent weeks the spectre of a move to Cleveland has risen, but these were only tentative enquiries. Nobody has made a serious run for Lee's services, and nobody will until the Astros and Jeff Luhnow make it clear they are willing to eat most of the $18.5m still owed, at least three-quarters of it.


More likely the Tigers will either pursue a free agent or put an in-house candidate like Miguel Cabrera in the DH position. Vladimir Guerrero and Carlos Pena seem like more sensible options for now.

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