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Astros Luhnow-ing Up The Front Office

Oh, how happy I am with Jeff Luhnow as the new GM of the Houston Astros. He does things like interview Keith Law for a position with the team and then posts this job description for a SQL developer. Do you know what that means? Advanced metrics! Databases! A more advanced front office technology-wise!


These things may not matter a whole lot in the win-loss record next season, but they will matter down the road. As I said in response to a post on Baseball Prospectus, this isn't about Houston getting a competitive advantage over other teams. It's about them catching up to the rest of the league.


Not sure what else Luhnow and Co. can do to make me geek out. I guess if they guest-posted over at TCB or came on the podcast Tim produces so well, then that'd take it to the next level. As for making the team more competitive? It's a continual stream of pleasant surprises.


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