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Morosi: Tigers And Astros Have Discussed Carlos Lee

Could El Caballo be on the move?

Jon Paul Morosi, of Fox Sports News has a little tweet:

To clarify, #Tigers and #Astros have not yet discussed Carlos Lee in depth, sources say.

Which would suggest that they have discussed Carlos Lee, but not in depth. This only makes sense for the Tigers if the Astros eat almost all of the contract, maybe leaving them only $2/3m to pick up with a token return.

And then there is whether Carlos Lee would waive his 10-5 rights which he now possesses (I'm guessing that these have not been affected by the new Collective Bargaining Agreement), now that his no-trade clause from his 6-year $100m contract expires. Lee, who is a free agent at the end of the 2012 season would look odd turning down a trade to a bona-fide contender. Does he want to DH? Does he mind going to Detroit for six months? Do the Tigers think he can replicate his 2011 numbers and avoid sliding into the pit he fell into in 2010?

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