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Tim Bogar turns down Astros job due to no outside interview clause

Tim Bogar turned down an offer to be the Astros bench coach, because the team has a clause that does not allow him to interview for manager jobs while under contract.


Tim Bogar turned down a chance to be a bench coach with the Houston Astros, and CBS Sports' Jon Heyman has sources who say it is due to a rare no-outside-interview clause that the team had in place. The clause would not allow Bogar to pursue his goal of becoming a manager while under contract.

Bogar was interviewed for the Astros' manager job, which ultimately went to Bo Porter. He has been a manager within the Astros minor league system in the past. It makes sense for Bogar to not take this job since it would severely limit his chance for advancement.

Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow was asked to comment about the clause, but he declined to comment, saying the team does not discuss human resource issues outside of announcing a firing or a hiring.

Most recently, Bogar was with the Boston Red Sox staff since 2009, holding various coaching positions. However, he clashed with Bobby Valentine and is not likely to return to Boston.

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