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Astros new logo leaked online before official release

The new Astros logo and uniform were leaked before the official announcement.

The Houston Astros are debuting their new logo and uniform Friday night, as they team transitions from the National League to the American League. Well, MLB Advanced Media released the new uniform and logo about 30 minutes prior to the official releases of the details.

SB Nation's Astros' blog, Crawfish Boxes were one of the first to notice the banner ad with the new design. The logo was placed along the top of MLB's own website enticing people to but the new gear.


Via @BustaPozee

Just last week the sporting chain story Academy inadvertently placed Astros merchandise with the new logo on sale last week. It was ultimately pulled, but there were a few lucky fans who were able to get their hands on the goods.

The orange star with the H in front of it is very similar to the old Astros uniforms they had back in the early days when the team first moved into the Astrodome.

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