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Houston Astros are interested in Lance Berkman

The Astros are looking to contact Lance Berkman, and see if he is interested in rejoining his old club.

Jeff Curry

The Houston Astros are not looking to make any big splashes this off season, but they could be bringing back Lance Berkman, according to the Houston Chronicle. Berkman was one of their most productive players ever in an Astros uniform, and was with the Astros from 1999-2010. Most recently he has been with the St. Louis Cardinals.

He is not the power hitter he was when he was in Houston, and last year he played in just 32 games hit .259 with two home runs. The Cardinals elected to not keep Berkman around, so he is a free agent, but Berkman is also considering retirement.

General manager Jeff Luhnow was even asked about Berkman at the new uniform launch party:

"We're going to make a baseball decision for the organization and for the future of the Houston Astros," Luhnow said "Clearly Lance has a great history here and he was a key part of a great franchise in a great time. If we feel collectively that there's a fit in terms of what we need and what he can provide, we won't be hesitant to pursue it."

With the Astros heading to the American League, the move could be so that Berkman could be used as a designated hitter. Also, with the team playing so poorly it is probably a good idea to bring back a player who was around when the Astros were making multiple playoff apperances.

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