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Astros Could Pursue Jorge Soler If He Becomes A Free Agent

According to's Brian McTaggart, the Houston Astros could be one of the teams interested in signing 19-year-old outfielder Jorge Soler if he is able to become a free agent, which is pending his approval of his application for residency in the Dominican Republic. He quoted Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow, who said that the team is waiting on the sidelines to see what happens, which is the same thing every other team is doing.

"We've seen him several times, and we're keeping in touch with people that are working with him that are trying to get him the citizenship sorted out so he could become a free agent," Luhnow said. "When that happens, they have a process set out for teams, and we're going to be paying attention to that."

The last time the Astros spent money on a Latin American player was when they signed outfielder Arial Ovando with a $2.6 million bonus in 2010, which was a club record. Luhnow went on to say that his scouts are watching all the Latin American players in the upcoming class, including Cuban defectors, and the only question is who they would sign and for how much.

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