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Jed Lowrie Injury Update: Shortstop Is Now Questionable For Opening Day

Initially the status on Jed Lowrie's injured right thumb seemed to be minor since a MRI revealed no damage, and Lowrie was just going to take the rest of spring training off before opening day. The injury now seems to be more severe than originally thought as Lowrie as had trouble gripping the ball when fielding ground balls on Saturday, and now he may not be ready for opening day:

"It's really about how much he can tolerate and how quickly he feels ready to get back into games," [general manger Jeff] Luhnow said, considering that it's a tissue injury rather than a ligament problem. "That could be a few days, it could be a couple of weeks and anything in between. We need to proceed with contingency plans in place for Jed being ready to go opening day and Jed not being able to go opening day."

If Lowrie can not go to start the season the only other shortstop on the roster is Marwin Gonzalez, but non-roster players Angel Sanchez and Brian Bixler have been playing with the Astros and there is plenty of room on the 40-man roster to add either of those two if needed.

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