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Astros GM Jeff Luhnow Invites Fans To Sit With Him For An Inning

The world of fantasy baseball has made armchair general managers out of millions of MLB fans over the years, but Jeff Luhnow is taking things one step further for nine special Houston Astros fans who will get the chance during Wednesday's game to sit with the Astros GM for an inning apiece in a contest he's running on Twitter. Luhnow announced the contest recent via his account, and fans must already have a ticket to the game.

Luhnow writes, "To qualify, send me your seat section and what question you most want answered. I will choose the winners by the end of the game tomorrow." As the Astros try to turn a corner from a perennial loser to a contender, it's moves like this that will continue to build a bridge to their fan base with transparency, openness and a connection directly to the primary leaders on the team. The Astros have a long way to go, but small gestures like this turn into one step at a time.

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