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Ozzie Guillen Continues To Make Friends And Appreciate Cultures In Houston, Puerto Rico

It didn't involve Bryce Harper, but a notable plunking occurred in the Astros / Marlins game Thursday night, with, as usual, a far more notable response from Marlins skipper Ozzie Guillen.

Houston pitcher Wilton Lopez hit Marlins third basemen Hanley Ramirez in the top of the seventh. As Ramirez took first base, he jawed and barked at Lopez down the line. When Lopez was pulled later in the game, he made a motion to the Marlins dugout that mocked Miami hitters' "lo viste" ("Did you see that?") sign.

Now take it away, Ozzie!

"Very mature," Guillen said sarcastically to Marlins reporters. "That’s all I can say. Very mature. He’s lucky I wasn’t Hanley. I would have chased his (behind) all the way to Puerto Rico. But that’s part of the game. He’s a kid and it’s not a big deal."

For the record: Lopez is from Nicaragua, Ramirez is from the Dominican Republic, and Ozzie hails from Venezuela, so we're not entirely sure how Puerto Rico got involved. But hey, that's just our Ozzie!

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