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Roger Clemens Perjury Trial: Brian McNamee Testifies

Brian McNamee testified that he injected Roger Clemens with steroids 8-10 times in 1998.

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For the moment in this Roger Clemens perjury trial that everyone has been waiting for, Brian McNamee finally took the stand on Monday to testify to his role in Clemens' steroid and human growth hormone use during his illustrious Major League Baseball career.

McNamee is Clemens' former strength coach and the only one who claims direct knowledge of Clemens' use. In court on Monday, McNamee said he injected Clemens 8-10 times in 1998 when the star pitcher played for the Toronto Blue Jays. That was supposedly the first time the injections occured.

The testimony became more graphic as it went along, with McNamee admitting to his uneasiness of sticking a needle on Clemens' butt cheek. Somehow, he knew it was wrong, even at the time.

"I knew what I was doing was illegal," said McNamee of the first injection which took place in Clemens' hotel room at the SkyDome in Toronto. "I wish to God I could take it back. It was a mistake. I was young."

McNamee claims Clemens approached him twice about wanting to use steroids, the first of which Clemens came to him with a bottle of pills and a zip lock bag full of ampoules of steroids. McNamee says he told Clemens the pills were no good and they threw them away.

But not too long after that, Clemens supposedly had the brilliant idea of injecting the steroids. McNamee was living in a portion of Clemens' suite at the SkyDome Hotel.

"When I got there, Roger had the needle, gauze, the alcohol all set up in his bathroom (laid out) on a towel. ... (The steroids) looked like skim milk. It was liquid, not a powder but a powdery white. ... I irrigated the buttocks. I injected him. It looked like it was a clean strike. ... I continued to inject him. (The next time) was very soon after because of the regimen (required) by that drug.""

Hey, the man could be lying but the quote detached from the person saying it seems as believable as anything said in that courtroom since April 23.

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