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Brian McNamee Discusses His First Time With Roger Clemens' Booty

And we thought Andy Pettitte testifying against Roger Clemens, his former idol, mentor and friend, was awkward enough. Who was ready for the romantic recollections of Brian McNamee's first time feeling on Roger Clemens' ass?

Ready or not, McNamee didn't hold back, but slowly and calmly told the court about Clemens pulling his pants down, exposing his butt cheek, McNamee agreeing to touch it, and the whole nine man. '

This came from Associated Press writer Joseph White, who has had to sit through this thing for the last several weeks:

"Roger pulled down his pants, exposing his right buttocks cheek to me," McNamee said. A few seconds later, Clemens said he was ready. McNamee said he then "plunged the fluid in into his buttocks."

After it was done, they "exchanged pleasantries," according to McNamee.

"That," McNamee concluded softly, "was the first time I injected Roger Clemens."


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