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MLB Draft 2012: Houston Astros Have $11.1 Million To Spend On Early Selections

Baseball America released the financials for every Major League Baseball team making selections in this year's draft, and only the Minnesota Twins have more money to spend than the Houston Astros.

With the rules changing in terms of how teams spend money, bonuses will be distributed differently, as Baseball America explains:

One of the most significant provisions of the new draft rules will be the prescribed bonuses for every pick in the first 10 rounds. Major League Baseball had tried for years to curb draft spending with recommended bonuses, but those proved ineffective with no penalties to back them up. With a punitive tax and the possibility of losing picks in future drafts behind the numbers now, teams are expected to stick to them much more closely.

The numbers build off the bonus set for the No. 1 pick, which is $7.2 million this year. Every pick from 2-338 is expressed as a percentage of the No. 1 pick, down to $125,000 for the final picks of the 10th round. A team's total budget for the first 10 rounds is the sum of the numbers for all of its picks, so teams that have extra picks and early picks have more money to spend. The Twins have the highest budget this year, with the second overall pick as well as extra picks.

The Astros have just over $11.1 million to spend on their first 11 selections, with $7.2 million available to the first pick.

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