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2012 MLB Draft: Astros Realize Pressure Of No. 1 Pick

The Houston Astros have the first pick in the MLB Draft for only the third time in franchise history and the pressure to get it right with the Stros being in the rebuilding process is immense. First-year general manager Jeff Luhnow has been on a quest, traveling all over the country in an effort to spot the next No. 1 pick.

Since there is no sure-thing, far-and-away top pick like Stephen Strasburg or Bryce Harper, the Astros brass actually has some work to do and decisions to make.

"We certainly want to get it right, but there are 39 other rounds to the Draft," said Luhnow, who added that the Cardinals acquired Albert Pujols, Yadier Molina, Allen Craig and Daniel Descalso, among others, beyond the first round. "And you look at our club here and J.D. Martinez was chosen later on in the Draft [20th round]. We feel this Draft is an opportunity to add significant depth to the organization."

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