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MLB Draft 2012: Houston Astros 2nd Round Pick Nolan Fontana In Town For Physical

The Astros could sign second round pick Nolan Fontana on Tuesday pending a physical, according to Mark Berman of Fox 26.

Fontana hit .284 with nine home runs and 30 RBIs for the Gators this past season. The Stros have already inked 28 of their draft selections, with No. 1 overall pick Carlos Correa, No. 41 overall pick Lance McCullers, third and fourth rounders Brady Rogers and Rio Ruiz being the most notable signees.

If the Stros sign Fontanta, their top eight picks will all be under contract, leaving only three more top 11 picks unsigned. With Correa signing on the cheap, it's made things a lot easier on the Stros in terms of signing other guys like McCullers.

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