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Carlos Correa Excited To Be 1st Overall Pick By Houston Astros

The decision on the No. 1 pick wasn't an easy one for Houston. The Astros admitted that, within an hour of the draft, they hadn't made a decision. But the long-term potential of shortstop Carlos Correa was too much to pass up.

Correa said that going No. 1 was a validation of his hard work. From

"I feel so excited to be the No. 1 pick," said Correa, who attended the Draft at MLB Network's studios in Secaucus, N.J. "I just worked hard to be here, and right now, we are doing a great job and I feel proud to be here and excited."

Correa was also proud to be the first Puerto Rican high school player to be taken first overall in the MLB Draft.

"They have advised me very well. They have taught me a lot about baseball, obviously, and they have taught me well. Sandy Alomar has been working with me in the ballpark down there in my hometown. I feel proud that they have helped me a lot. I feel good. This feels good."

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