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Jed Lowrie Injury: Astros Shortstop On Crutches With Ankle, Knee Injury

The Houston Astros will likely be without shortstop Jed Lowrie in the short term after he suffered ankle and knee injuries on Saturday.

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Astros shortstop Jed Lowrie left Saturday's game with ankle and knee injuries after a collision at second base. Following the game Lowrie was on crutches in the visiting clubhouse and said that his whole leg hurt and wasn't sure if it was his knee or ankle that was in the worst shape.

"He slid onto my foot, and while I was trying to get away from the base my foot was still underneath his foot, so my whole lower leg twisted. I think it'll get better," Lowrie said. "I'm hoping it's not a serious thing, but I still think we need to make sure it's not. There's no reason to guess. Let's just hope it's not something serious."

Lowrie may not be back in the lineup anytime soon and Houston will have a hard time replacing his bat in the lineup.

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