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Brewers Zack Greinke Tossed After 4 Pitches

Milwaukee Brewers starting pitcher Zack Greinke has been the subject of trade rumors over the past few weeks, and his start on Saturday afternoon was to be one where scouts would get to seem him pitch one last time before the All-Star break.

Well, Greinke was tossed from the game after only four pitches when he was frustrated over a call:

"Greinke spiked the ball in the dirt after Jose Altuve was called safe in a bang-bang play at first base. Greinke was obviously frustrated over the call, as was Brewers manager Ron Roenicke who was also tossed from the game, but first base umpire Sam Holbrook gave them an incredibly quick boot."

The Brewers replaced Greinke with Livan Hernandez, and the Astros were able to get three runs off of Hernandez in the third inning. Currently the Astros lead 6-2 in the seventh.

Here is video of the play in question that had Greinke tossed.

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