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2012 Home Run Derby: Prince Fielder Wins With Record 12 In Final

Prince Fielder hit the longest home runs on Monday, and he hit the most.

The Tigers first baseman won the 2012 Home Run Derby in Kansas City with 12 home runs in the final, tying a derby final record. Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista hit the most home runs in the first round, but only managed seven in the final.

Bautista (11), Mark Trumbo (7), Carlos Beltran (7) and Fielder (5) advanced out of the first round. But the highlight of the round was Yankees second baseman and American League captain Robinson Cano, who selected the AL roster. Kansas City fans were unhappy that Royals designated hitter Billy Butler was left off the roster, and they displayed that displeasure with boos during his introduction and first round. The fans had the last laugh, as Cano went homerless.

In the second round, Fielder hit 11 home runs for a total of 16. Bautista hit two and Trumbo hit six in the second round, tying with a total of 13. As a result, the pair had a five-swing swing-off. Trumbo hit one over five swings, and Bautista hit two to advance to the final.

The longest home run of the night came from Fielder, who hit 476-foot blasts in the second round and in the final, and had many balls land in the fountain in center field. It was Fielder's second derby win, as he won in 2009 as a member of the Brewers. He becomes the second player to win multiple derbies, joining Ken Griffey Jr, who won three in the 1990s.

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