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Houston Astros Are Officially 'Awful' In Every Category, But It Doesn't Really Matter

The bad news for Astros fans shouldn't come as a revelation: Houston is terrible. The worst. The team's swan song in the NL Central this season will end with a whimper or a wet fart, if anything at all. Baseball Nation's Jeff Sullivan has a detailed, stat-driven analysis as to exactly how the Astros got here - "here" being the chance to rival the 2003 Tigers in infamy, except that the Stros' minor May winning streak could keep them from record-breaking basement numbers.

However, after an ownership change and over two years' worth of fire-sale trades to dump payroll, there's hope, at least in the fact that there's no hope and no reason to care at the moment:

As a silver lining for the Astros and their fans, this doesn't really matter, kind of. Everybody knew that the Astros would be bad and Jeff Luhnow is starting the organization completely over, practically from scratch. The Astros' current on-field product is as low a priority as any on-field product I can remember. They're building to the future while shielding their eyes from the present. But one of the goals of this season was to identify possible long-term pieces, and there aren't many of them. Young Astros players are contributing to this miserable performance. It would be nice if young Astros were playing better. But I guess it was never about 2012. And how.

Take solace, Astros fans: This literally means nothing. Apparently.

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