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Roger Clemens Could Start For Astros In 2012, According To Report

With Roger Clemens' minor league pitching outing set to be broadcast live on ESPN Classic, many are certainly very interested to see the performance of the seven-time Cy Young Award winner on Saturday.

Among those reportedly interested in Clemens' performance are the Houston Astros, who have already sent scouts to watch the 50-year old pitcher and will again on Saturday.

But does all of this boil down to a possible return to the MLB for Clemens? Nobody's ruling it out.

While Clemens has stated that his pitching outing with the Sugar Land Skeeters is just for fun, he also told Piers Morgan of CNN that he could announce something bigger and better if things go well in his return to the mound.

Astros owner Jim Crane hasn't ruled out the possibility either, floating the idea of having Clemens pitch to help bolster attendance to games of a team that will likely be eliminated from the playoffs on Friday.

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