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Houston Astros Reach 100 Losses Two Seasons In A Row

For the second straight season, the Houston Astros have lost 100 games. Their 4-1 setback on Tuesday turned into loss No. 100 on the year, a record that was pretty much inevitable after a disastrous second half of the season.

Now, all that's left for Houston is to try and win just enough to not set another record for team futility. In 2011, the Astros lost 106 games, which set the team record. There are still 14 games left in the season including five against the playoff-hungry St. Louis Cardinals, which doesn't bode well for that goal.

They still haven't hit 1899 Cleveland Spiders territory -- it's hard to imagine any team losing 134 games in the modern era -- but the Astros have certainly shown major futility during the 2012 season, possibly a level unseen before in franchise history.

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