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Bo Porter hiring: Crawfish Boxes react to Houston Astros decision

It seems as though the Houston Astros front office isn't trying to put Bo Porter in a position to fail, the way the old administration did poor ol' Brad Mills. No, it appears that first-year general manager Jeff Luhnow wants Porter to be successful and plans on surrounding him with the personnel that will best help him do that.

That was, for the most part, the observation Crawfish Boxes lead writer David Coleman made in reaction to the Porter hiring and subsequent press conference with Luhnow. The GM said Porter would be rounded out with people who could help support him on infield play, pitching and the switch to the American League.

Coleman doesn't see any of the 'stros' coaching staff coming back with the organization next season in the same capacity. Joe Pettini is the current bench coach, but lacks AL experience.

Going into their first season in the AL, the 'stros may want someone with experience in that league. Doug Brocail isn't considered by fans to be the long-term answer as pitching coach, but it's difficult to say who would replace him, and just as difficult to say he was part of the problem with Astros pitching.

Here's a quick nugget from Coleman, speculating on what to do next with Pettini's position as bench coach:

One possibility (if he wants it) could be bringing in Tim Bogar to be the bench coach. That would give Houston both the solid infield experience and a guy who has recent AL experience to help Porter out. Bogar doesn't have any previous managerial experience at the major league level, but maybe being a bench coach in Houston would help move him up the charts faster for another job.

Hey, the 'stros are a project anyway, right?

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