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UH Football Sees Nation's Largest Ticket Increase

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Think UH football hasn't been on the radar as much as it was last season? Perhaps not nationally, but close to home, the Cougars have seen a huge increase in ticket sales. In fact, the Cougars found themselves atop the list of schools around the country to have witnessed an increase in ticket sales. Here's the list, from


Top-10 Universities (by percentage increase)
1. Houston +82%
2. Marshall +45%
3. Louisville +31%
4. Toledo +27%
5. Texas Tech +20%
6. Oregon State +18%
7. Air Force +12%
Arkansas State +12%
9. Alabama +11%
Arizona +11%
Indiana +11%
Washington +11%


Tommy Tuberville might be that "big name coach" that could take Texas Tech back into prominence ... but Kevin Sumlin is filling the seats at a much higher rate. Take that, Red Raiders. Take that.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.