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2011 Senior Bowl Practice Notes

Wednesday marked the third day of practices at the 2011 Senior Bowl. Plenty occurred in today’s sessions, but one particular drill pitted two of the most highly regarded players in this year’s NFL Draft — Texas A&M pass rusher Von Miller vs. Mississippi State OT Derek Sherrod. Here’s what Wes Bunting of the National Football Post had to say about the head-to-head encounter:

Finally, it’s always fun to watch two top-tier prospects go head to head and that’s exactly what we saw this afternoon when Texas A&M pass rusher Von Miller squared off with Mississippi State OT Derek Sherrod in a heavyweight matchup. Now, not siding with Sherrod, but he was on the right side for this showdown, the spot opposite where he played in college. In round one with Miller standing up from a two-point stance, he simply used his great first step and ability to drop his pad level to flatten out around the edge to accelerate right past Sherrod toward the corner.

In round two, Sherrod took the jab, was quicker to reach the corner and did a nice job maintaining his balance and extending his arms into Miller. Miller countered with an inside spin, but Sherrod cleanly redirected — the reason why we think he’s the best OT in the nation — and calmly anchored through the play.

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