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Marshall's Goal: Injure Keenum

Let me make a potentially radical disclaimer before I get into the meat of what has been said. I believe that every team Houston has faced since Case Keenum's injury has been aware of his hurt knee, and eager to take any shot at him, within the confines of the rules.

Saturday's opponent, the Marshall Thundering Herd, are taking things a step too far, however. Apparently, looking to injure Keenum is a major part of their game plan.

The last time these two teams played, the stupidity of Marshall's band and gameday operations crew allowed for a Houston player to suffer an injury so horrendous that his subsequent return to football could make the most hardened cynic believe in miracles. So you'd think that maybe Marshall's team would be a little bit hesitant to speak out about attempting to injure any Houston players on Saturday. You'd think that having a little bit of class would convince you not to say that sort of thing. You'd think your coaches would warn you against giving the opposing team any kind of bulletin board material like that. You'd think that saying something that moronic would be avoided, because on the off chance they succeed in injuring Keenum, Conference USA and the NCAA would probably come down heavier in terms of suspensions if you've let them know beforehand that you did it on purpose.

You'd probably think all of these things. Apparently you've never encountered a force as stupid as a Marshall football player, because you'd be wrong.

Yes, this week, players on Marshall's defense were saying things like, "Putting out the quarterback is a real big deal for us", and, "We do want to find out who the backup quarterback is every game", specifically mentioning Keenum's accolades, and how helpful it would be to take him out.

Now, I get paid a little bit of money by this here website to write as objectively as I can about sports. But I'm still a fan. And as a fan, part of me wants to wish injury on Marshall's players in return, or make some bold claim that the 32,000 red-clad maniacs in Robertson Stadium on Saturday would see to it that any Herd player dumb enough to take a cheap shot on Keenum wouldn't make it back to West Virginia.

But I'm not going to do that. I'm just going to say that what goes around, comes around. Maybe there's a reason that Marshall's lone post-season appearance since they joined Conference USA is a spot in the ever-prestigious Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl.

Enjoy your continued and well-deserved mediocrity, Marshall.

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