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Houston Vs. Tulane Postgame Quotes: Cougars' Toughest Opponent Is Themselves

Leave it to a head coach to find flaws in a 73-13 win, but Houston's Kevin Sumlin wasn't overjoyed with the Cougars' performance. He told the Houston Chronicle's Sam Khan that there's always something to be improved, but yeah, they were like, decent and stuff:

"It was OK. We were a little bit off tonight. They did some things … it’s really kind of interesting. They had a different game plan playing some two-man (lines) and that’s when Charles (Sims) took over. And what can you say about Charles Sims?"

"All in all it’s hard to argue with 700 something yards and how our guys performed."

No kidding. Sumlin did mention penalties as a weak spot for the Cougars as of late. Assumedly, without them Houston could've broke 90 in New Orleans. Ah, nitpicking:

"If there’s anything we can do better, in the last couple of weeks we had a rash of penalties," (A few) weeks ago we played Rice and we had one penalty. Some of them, I don’t know, we’ll watch the video. But our guys are playing hard. They’ve got energy, they like each other, they complement each other and I’m pretty happy with where we are 10 games into the season."

The Chronicle grabbed Case Keenum on video to talk about his three touchdown performance:

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