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Keenum Wins Sammy Baugh, Still In Contention For Davey O'Brien

Case Keenum got tabbed for a major award on Thursday morning, possibly the first of many on the year for Houston's record-smashing quarterback. The Sammy Baugh Trophy, handed out annually since 1959, was awarded to Keenum for the second time in his career.


The Sammy Baugh Trophy is given to the nation's top passer, and it's an award that has even gone to players at smaller schools with some regularity. If you remove the big-school bias, Keenum is the obvious choice for every major award this year. Houston fans would like to see Keenum have a chance to win more prestigious awards, like the Davey O'Brien or the Heisman, but both have shown big-school bias, neither having been awarded to a player from a current non-AQ school since Ty Detmer in the early 1990s.


The good news? Keenum is a finalist for the O'Brien Award for the second time, and you can help him out by voting for him here. Keenum currently (laughably) trails Robert Griffin by a narrow margin, so get voting.

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