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TicketCity Bowl 2012: Tickets Available Below Face Value Through Sponsors Website

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The 2012 TicketCity Bowl is obviously sponsored by the ticket brokering site TicketCity. Over at the official bowl website tickets are priced at $25, $50, $75 or $125, however Sports Illustrated's Stewart Mandel points out that those same tickets can be bought well below face value at the TicketCity website

How cheap?

Well, those premium $75 seats can be had for as low as $24 and currently there are 24 of those available at that price. In fact all but  61 tickets in the premium section are less than the $75 asking price. Even the coveted seats that are described as having a chair back can be found for as low as $93 compared to the asking price of $125.

TicketCity is in a peculiar situation in that they are part of the secondary ticket market yet they are sponsoring a bowl game where they are trying to sell tickets at face value through the bowl itself. There is nothing wrong with this, but it is worth a chuckle to see this happening.

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