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Houston Cougar Recruits React To The Hiring Of Tony Levine

The Houston Cougars made a big move when the hired the relatively unknown Tony Levine to take over for Kevin Sumlin who is taking the same postion with the Texas A&M Aggies. Whenever coaching changes happen recruits tend to second think their decision. Most of the Houston recruits are staying put with their commitment mainly because Levine was key to the recruiting process and that the offense is going to stay the same.

Here are what those recruits had to say about Levine getting the job:

Blake Herman, Needville offensive lineman: "I've been talking to Levine for about a year now and that's the guy who recruited me and gave me the scholarship so I'm happy and I think he's a real good guy."

Jarrett Irving, Dekaney safety: "I think it's a good choice. You got someone that already knows the system.....I still feel the same (about UH). Just because coach Sumlin left doesn't mean I'm going to leave UH. Coach Sumlin is a good coach but I think coach Levine is going to step up and pick up where he left off."

Larry McDuffey, North Shore receiver: "It's the hometown team and I'm big on home and staying home. I just really want to bring a championship back to Houston. The city deserves one. I want to be a part of it in case it does happen and it can happen, based on the success that UH has been having."

Mac Long, Edna offensive lineman: "I was really excited. I was pulling for him. Out of all of the coaches I've talked to, I've talked to him the most and I'm really glad that he got the job.....He's an excellent recruiter and he knows about football. He's truthful and up front. What you see is what you get."

The lone recruit to open up his recruitment is Marrick Charles, a defensive tackle from Destrehan, La., sent out some tweets saying he was not sure about Houston:


Marrick then sent out a follow up tweet earlier on Saturday and is still planning on attending Houston:


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