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Will Cougars Find Karam Under Their Christmas Tree?

The Texas Tech quarterback is rumored to be interested in transferring to UH.

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Fox's Mark Berman reported on Friday that former Texas Tech quarterback Jacob Karam has Houston on his list of three schools to potentially transfer to. Karam was heavily recruited by Houston (and new head coach Tony Levine) out of Friendswood High before choosing to sign with the Red Raiders.

Karam graduated from Texas Tech magna cum laude in two and a half years, while playing football. Consequently, he will be able to play immediately in the 2012 season, and has two years of eligibility left. But that doesn't mean he'd be shoe-in for the job. David Piland played in the second half of the 2010 season after the injury to Case Keenum, and while Piland struggled to win games, he put up impressive numbers for a true freshman, and by the time next year rolls around, he'll have had an entire season and two entire off-seasons to pick up the offense. Big-armed freshman Bram Kohlhausen (redshirting this year, like Piland) will also be in competition for the job.

However, adding another talented quarterback to the equation would certainly increase the odds that Houston makes a smooth transition out of the Keenum era, at the quarterback position. Karam lists Memphis and UTEP as other schools he is considering, and while neither school has the prestige of UH, both look like surer bets for Karam to win the starting job.

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