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Kevin Sumlin To Texas A&M Latest Reported Destination For Houston Coach

CBS Houston is reporting that Houston head coach will be named head coach at Texas A&M within the next 24 hours.

CBS Houston is reporting that Houston head coach Kevin Sumlin will be named Texas A&M head coach within 24 hours. #UHCougars

Of course this report came during Houston's upset loss to Southern Miss in the Conference USA championship game. Sumlin has been rumored as being sought after by other teams such as Arizona State and UCLA. All the while, Sumlin has maintained that he was focused on the Cougars' next opponent and would discuss a contract extension with Houston who no doubt wants to keep him around. 

Reports also indicate that Arizona State may no longer be pursuing Sumlin which means this situation is fluid and changing constantly. No doubt Texas A&M has Sumlin on their list but this situation may not have played its way out as of yet. 

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