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NCAA Bracket Update: Chalk Ruled Thursday, What Does That Leave Us With Saturday?

Most of the top seeds advanced on Thursday, with only three upsets by the seeds. Unfortunately, two of them will be playing each other in the next round, so prepare for your bracket to continue to stay moderately chalky. Here's what the games look like on Saturday:

Southwest Region:

-Morehead State Eagles vs. Richmond Spiders -- The winner of this game gets to take on (likely) Kansas in the Sweet Sixteen. I wouldn't harbor high hopes there for either team.

West Region:

-Temple vs. San Diego State -- The Aztecs will definitely have some homecourt advantage in this game, as the play in Tucson and the Owls are coming all the way from Philadelphia. The winner of this game will take on the winner of...
-Cincinnati vs. Connecticut -- This game in the Sweet Sixteen. Those games will be played in Anaheim, so while Connecticut will get plenty of fans in Washington D.C., it might not be quite so easy to fill things out West for them.

East Region:

-Kentucky vs. West Virginia -- After a very close call, it will be Kentucky's superior talent against West Virginia's superior experience. The winner would advance to take on the winner of the 1 vs. 8/9 games to be played today. In other words: Ohio State. 

Southeast Region:

Despite having what looked like an extremely weak field on paper, just about every big seed won it's first game. Here's what's left:

-Pittsburgh vs. Butler -- Can the Butler do it again? It's looking pretty unlikely, but Matt Howard will give the Bulldogs a presence inside that will be hard to deal with. Pittsburgh will counter with Ashton Gibbs, who decimated UNC Asheville last night.
-Kansas St. vs. Wisconsin -- Interesting matchup between two teams that defied conventional thinking this year. The Wildcats struggled to start the season and only recently rounded back into shape despite starting the year in the preseason Top 10. Wisconsin is thought of as a defensive team, but has one of the best offenses in the game while the slow tempo they play at masks mediocre defense. The winner of this game will take on the winner of Pittsburgh/Butler.

-Gonzaga vs. BYU -- Is Gonzaga prepared for another Cinderella run? The Cougars looked very ordinary for a half against Wofford, and Jimmer Fredette can only carry a team so far. Gonzaga ran St. John's out of the building with an avalanche of three-pointers. This one could be fascinating.
-UCLA vs. Florida -- A pair of teams that were overseeded face off against each other to see who was less so. Florida dominated the UCSB Gauchos last time out, but they're in Tampa so that's a nice homefield advantage flor the Gators. UCLA barely held on against Michigan State despite carrying a big lead for much of the game. It's looking pretty likely that Florida will move on to the Sweet Sixteen, where they'd face the winner of Gonzaga/BYU. 

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.