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NCAA Tournament Bubble Watch: Baylor Continues Rollercoaster Ride

There isn’t a whole lot to talk about for Houston area fans as the Bubble Watch starts up over the next few weeks. Texas and Texas A&M, despite shaky play over the past few weeks, are assured a spot in the tournament at this point. Every other Texas team is pretty much primed for the NIT, CBI, or sitting at home at this point…except maybe Baylor.

The Bears continued their up and down play by getting pounded by Oklahoma State in the second half yesterday, dropping to 18-11 overall. According to Chris Dobbertean, their body of work is only good enough at this point to be in the second four out. In other words, they’re going to need a lot of wins and a lot of help to make the real tourney field. They probably need to beat a suddenly reeling Texas team in their last regular season game, then get to at least the semifinals of the Big 12 Tournament if they want a real chance at the field.

Not much Conference USA news here, as east coast bias (and general mediocre play) continues to look like it will turn the league into a one-bid conference. Memphis is in Dobbertean’s “next in line” section, but they don’t really have anyone to beat to boost their resume at this point. It would take a lot of losses by the rest of the field to make them worthy of an at-large bid.

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