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NCAA Championship Game 2011: That Was A Stinker, When Will Houston Get Payback?

Sure, it's all great and dandy to host the NCAA FInal Four when you get the initial invitation. But then you look and realize you need to get all these extra seats and party hats, then your out-of-town friends need to be picked up from the airport and you don't have enough light-rail trains to get them downtown. Oh, and then to top things off, your party is a complete disaster because your sister's kid, who you never wanted at this thing to begin with, poops himself in the second half.

But don't worry Houston, we'll get another chance at this whole thing. In 2016, the NCAA Final Four will make it's return engagement here. Hopefully this time with some better teams. And some rims that can actually give some shooters a roll every once in awhile.


I always dreamed that one day I'd see defense in Reliant Stadium, I just hoped that it would be from the Texans.


Austin will also get to host a set of the "second/third round games" in 2013, and JerryWorld will grab a regional final in 2013 and a Final Four in 2014 as well.


Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.