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Keenum, Tannehill, Among Longshots For Heisman Trophy

According to, two of the three area quarterbacks will have a chance to make some noise on the national stage this year, albeit a small one. Case Keenum, who is used to this sort of thing, was given 35:1 odds to capture the Heisman Trophy. Keenum is likely to set a ton of NCAA records this season, including most career passing yards, and the Cougars will play (what is regarded as) a very weak schedule that could superficially pump up his stats and the teams record.


Aggies QB Ryan Tannehill was given 60:1 odds on taking home the hardware. While he isn't as heralded as quarterbacks like Andrew Luck (the favorite at 9:2) and Matt Barkley, Tannehill drastically improve the Aggies offense and has been getting some sleeper buzz as a possible first-round pick in next year's NFL Draft. 


Texas A&M obviously has a much tougher schedule than Houston, and because of that I would absolutely pick Tannehill at his odds before Keenum at 35:1. Even putting up amazing stats in a weaker conference has not traditionally been enough to get a player more than lip service for the Heisman Trophy, while the chances of Tannehill leading the Aggies to an outstanding record and gaining buzz for it seems to be a much safer bet to me. Tannehill at 60:1 is high risk/high reward, Keenum at 35:1 is medium risk/zero reward.


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