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BCS Standings: Houston Cougars Place No. 19 In Final Standings, Texas At No. 24

The BCS has held its National Championship Game, crowned a champion and wrapped up all of its postseason bowl games. The last word in the college football season is the official final standings, which were released by the BCS right after the Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the LSU Tigers on Monday night in the rematch of the "Game of the Century."

The final BCS standings haven't been officially released yet, but heading into bowl season, the official BCS standings, courtesy of ESPN and the BCS, had the Houston Cougars finishing off their surprising 2011 regular season with a Top 20 showing in each of the three major ranking systems in the country, including clocking in as the No. 19 team in the BCS standings.

The Cougars represent one of the largest gaps between them and the next team in the list, with their final .3504 BCS average dwarfing that of the No. 20 Nebraska Cornhuskers, who finished with a .2606 average. With a solid Top 20 finish to end their season, the Cougars will look forward to next season with loftier goals in mind.

The Texas Longhorns managed to come in at No. 24 on the poll, despite not finishing in the Top 25 in either the final USA Today Coaches Poll or the final AP Poll of the season.

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