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Houston Spring Football Game: Cougars Look To Showcase Offense

Even though Kevin Sumlin is no longer the head coach of the University of Houston Cougars football squad, the new coach made it known a while ago that he wasn't going to mess up what Houston has already had going over the past few years.

Cougars fans will get a look at the Houston team post-Sumlin on Friday night at Robertson Stadium in the annual Red-White spring game. This caps the spring action for the Cougars as the 15th and final practice. Fans will get a chance to have a look at newly appointed quarterback David Piland, who has the burden of filling the shoes of Case Keenum.

Piland is going to have four new wide receivers as his weapons this season, but his offensive line does have experience. This, from Sam Khan Jr.'s report for the Houston Chronicle.

For the last three weeks, offensive coordinator Mike Nesbitt, running backs coach Travis Bush, offensive line coach Lee Hays and receivers coaches Jamie Christian and Brandon Middleton have been busy reinstalling the offense for a unit that will have seven new starters, including four receivers and a quarterback.

"He's done a great job," Levine said of Nesbitt. "We've taken it slow to make sure they understand exactly what our expectations are.

"We've gotten to a point in the last couple practices and even moving forward this week to where we can be a little bit more creative and add a few little wrinkles to what our foundation of this offense is. It's something the kids have picked up quick."

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