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Cougars And Owls Sign Two-Year Deal To Play Bayou Bucket

With the University of Houston Cougars making their move to the Big East there was some uncertainty as to whether or not UH and the Rice Owls would play the Bayou Bucket game that features the two local major universities.

The school signed a two-year deal to play at Reliant Stadium, which means this matchup will last at least trhough 2013, according to Sam Khan Jr. of the Houston Chronicle.

Here is what Rice athletic director Rick Greenspan said the Chronicle's Joseph Duarte:

"It has always been our goal to do everything that we can to maintain the Bayou Bucket series. It's obvious how much this game means to the players on both teams and we need to continue to make sure that future generations of Owls and Cougars will have the same opportunity to win the Bucket."

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