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Houston's Full 2012 TV Slate: A Lot's Wrong With College Football, But This Isn't

For all the endless debate and wanton accusations, ranging from modern slavery to the bankruptcy of morality American universities, one solid benefit of college football's brutal PR image (last we checked, no one's trying to ban any other sport this summer) is that you can witness each and every installment of your favorite flavor at barbeque of amateur athletics and human decency, or whatever Buzz Bissinger just Tweeted.

The University of Houston announced Thursday that for a second consecutive season, every one of its games will be televised. Now, such a feat doesn't seem all that newsworthy to fans of a BCS conference school, but given Houston's plight as a transient member of the game's "mid-major" conferences and without the star power Kevin Sumlin and Case Keenum provided in 2011, that's damn impressive.

When you break down the coverage - four games on Fox Sports' regional networks (available nationally when you subscribe to various college football pay-per-view packages), two national broadcasts on the fledgling (but still national!) CBS Sports Network and one on the brand-new Pac-12 network (plus the rest on regional cable net CSS), Houston's elevated profile is the spawn of unchecked greed over television rights mating with the endless expansion of broadcast platforms.

All joking aside, if you're a Cougar fan - especially one living out of market and owning some kind of television provider - this most celebrated of fan luxuries kinda clouds your indignant stance on evil conference commissioners and network execs, huh?

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