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Dynamo Rejected Offer Of Davis And Cameron For Feilhaber

Per Jose De Jesus Ortiz of the Houston Chronicle, the Houston Dynamo were rebuffed by the New England Revolution as they attempted to acquire USMNT midfielder Benny Feilhaber. The price that the Revs were asking for was reportedly two prominent players for the Houston starting eleven: Brad Davis and Geoff Cameron. Dynamo president Chris Canetti commented on the frustration of the situation to Ortiz:

“We were very much interested in seeking the services of Benny Feilhaber and were active over the last four or five days in seeing if there was an opportunity to make a fit that would bring him here,” Dynamo president Chris Canetti said. “Unfortunately, as we dealt with the clubs that had priority over us in the MLS system, it became clear … that we weren’t going to be able to reach an agreement — at least not one that would be suitable for us.”

“I think all things considered, we’re still going in the right direction,” Canetti said. “Looking at the Benny opportunity I think was a smart thing to do. But we weren’t going to do anything that mortgaged not only our current state of affairs but our future. So ultimately I’ll sleep well at night knowing that we did the right thing here.”

Zach Woosley at Dynamo Theory has a great post up about how not acquiring Feilhaber isn’t quite the end of the world. The Dynamo have been very active in trade talks, and while those haven’t worked out for either new Red Bull Dwayne DeRosario or Feilhaber, the Dynamo are definitely trying their hardest to make something happen in the marketplace. Whether it’s now or later, they still have plenty of resources to make a strike for a star player, and shouldn’t feel any pressure to bring in someone if it’s not the perfect situation.

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