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Koke Apparently Wants Out Of Houston

According to a translation of his Facebook page, Dynamo forward Sergio Koke will apparently look to terminate his contract with the club. Koke came over to Houston from Aris FC just over a month ago, but hasn’t seen much playing time with the Dynamo just yet. Via Dynamo Theory, here is the Facebook post and translation:

Ok friends, as there are many people who want to know, i’m going to explain the situation in spanish. I am going to try to terminate my contract here in Houston, return home to my family and hope for the best. Its clear that my family and friends are counseling me to come home (Aris). All of my friends and family are fans of Aris. All I can say is that anything is possibe. Thanks for your love.

This is certainly a troubling development for the Dynamo, although Dom Kinnear probably has to bare some of the blame here for not giving Koke a starting role. It could just be that the man is homesick, and no one could blame him if so. Still, it’s looking like he’ll go down in Dynamo history as one of the rare misfires for the club on the transfer market. Assuming he can’t be persuaded to stay, anyway.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.