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Half Time: All Square At 0-0 In Lethargic Half

1 Shot on Goal: The stat that says it best about the first half of soccer between the Houston Dynamo and Toronto FC. 45 minutes and there has only been one shot on goal, really.

Neither team had any chance on goal of substance, but the Dynamo were the better team in attack and managed to pressure Toronto’s defense, despite a lack of finishing. Most of the half’s action was contained in the center of the pitch as both teams struggled to build an attack and sting a series of passes together.

Here are you full stats from the first half:

Toronto FC
Shots 3, Shots on Goal 0, Fouls 7, Offside 0, Corner Kicks 1, Saves 1

Houston Dynamo
Shots 5, Shots on Goal 1, Fouls 4, Offside 0, Corner Kicks 2, Saves 0

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.