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MLS, Stoke City Have Agreed On Transfer Price For Dynamo's Geoff Cameron

The process of Stoke City acquiring Houston Dynamo midfielder Geoff Cameron has been a long process, but the end is upon the horizon. According to Yanks Abroad MLS and Stoke City have agreed to terms of the transfer:

"The transfer price is now agreed to," a source told YA on Friday. "The personal terms between Geoff Cameron and Stoke are now almost complete."

The dollar amount is not known but it is estimated that the transfer fee is approximately $2.5 million. Both the MLS and Dynamo will share that fee.

Cameron is working to obtain his work permit because since he has not played in 75 percent of the United States national team's official games over the past two years, so he must win one on appeal. His appeal is scheduled on Aug. 3, but it seems more of a formality since multiple American players have recently won their appeals.

Also, the fact that Cameron is already negotiating a contract with Stoke City means he should win his appeal.

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