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Rafer Alston: Headed To China?

We'll go ahead and bypass another allusion to Lost in Translation.

Rafer Alston, who isn't exactly the greatest point guard to come through Houston (as an editor for The Dream Shake, that's an understatement), is apparently close to becoming the latest NBA player to join the ranks of the CBA (Chinese Basketball Association). Former Rocket Bonzi Wells made the jump a few seasons ago, and Stephon Marbury recently did the same.

Now, according to a Chinese newspaper (through the gracious translation of's Jon Pastuszek), Alston will likely be playing for one of two teams next season. Take it away, Jon:

If you've been staying up with the blog, you've done known that Skip is coming to China to train with the Zhejiang Guangshua Lions, one of the many teams vying to acquire the 11-year NBA point-guard. According to the Qingdao Evening Newspaper, he's all set for Chinese lay-up lines in southern China on the 18th.

Alston in Zhejiang would presumably give them the inside track, but he that may not be the case after all. The same article is reporting that Alston, despite agreeing to come to Zhejiang, personally reached out to Qingdao Double Star two weeks ago and the two sides have mutual interest in each other. If a deal is reached, Skip will sign an agreement with Double Star similar to Stephon Marbury's with Shanxi Zhongyu that would include opportunities on the business side of the basketball in addition to an annual salary.

The business side that Pastuszek refers to likely means a shoe deal for Alston.

We'll see how he pans out overseas, you know, once he and Starbury take over the CBA in what will become the Era of Athletic Point Guards before taller, better washed up NBA veterans start coming over, thus bringing about the Era of Height Infusion. And so on.

So far, the big body currently dominating the CBA is Charles Gaines. You know, the same Charles Gaines who didn't make the Rockets' preseason roster. Go get 'em, Skip.

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