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Rockets Schedule And NBA Power Rankings, Week 4

Southwest Division standings (as of Tuesday)

San Antonio Spurs 12-1
New Orleans Hornets 11-2
Dallas Mavericks 8-4
Memphis Grizzlies 5-9
Houston Rockets 3-10

Instead of taking advantage of one of the easier stretches of their schedule, with the Boozer-less Bulls, Toronto Raptors, and reeling Phoenix Suns games all in real play, the Rockets floundered and dropped all four games, putting them in an extremely precarious situation. Even rankings systems that still like the Rockets, like John Hollinger rankings, are finding it hard for the Rockets to keep up in the standings. He now gives them just a 21.3% chance to make the playoffs.

Onto the games that will be bringing you sadness this week:

Wednesday Nov 23rd vs. Golden State Warriors — The Warriors really haven’t been playing all that well despite the 7-7 record. 20th in offensive rating and 26th in defensive rating. That said, they’ve already beaten the Rockets twice and there isn’t a single player on the Rockets roster that can guard Stephen Curry or Monta Ellis. Prediction: Rockets 110, Warriors 118

Friday Nov 25th @ Charlotte Bobcats — This might be the Rockets best chance this week to get into the win column. While Larry Brown’s teams are typically noted for their defensive chops, there isn’t a single speedy scorer on this roster, and Nazr Mohammed is getting tons of minutes. Prediction: Rockets 100, Bobcats 98.

Sunday Nov. 28th vs. Oklahoma City Thunder – I saw this game last week. It sucked then, and it will suck now. Prediction: Rockets 101, Thunder 112

Sunday Nov. 29th @ Dallas Mavericks – Luis Scola on Dirk Nowitzki. Back-to-back on the road. Third loss in four games. At least it’s an improvement on last week. Sort of. Prediction: Rockets 97, Mavericks 108.

Other Southwest Division schedules for this week:
San Antonio: Wed @ MIN, Fri vs. DAL, Sun @ NO
New Orleans: Wed @ UTAH, Fri @ POR, Sun vs. SA Mon @ OKC
Dallas: Tues vs. DET, Wed @ OKC, Fri @SA, Sat vs MIA, Mon vs HOU
Memphis: Wed vs DET, Fri vs. GS, Sat @ CLE

Brutal stretch for Dallas getting fives games in seven games, especially Wednesday-Friday-Saturday against the Thunder, Spurs, and Heat. Memphis gets the layup schedule this week. You’ll want to root for the Thunder, the Pistons, and the Warriors this week if you’re a Rockets fan.

By the power rankings
Here’s how each team is ranked by an average of their ESPN power ranking, their ProBasketballTalk power ranking, and their Hollinger power ranking.

San Antonio: 1.33
New Orleans: 3
Dallas: 6.66
Memphis: 18.33
Houston: 21.66

I still think the Rockets are a little high here. Especially without Yao.

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