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Report: Kings Inquiring On Aaron Brooks

The Sacramento Bee’s Ailene Voisin, in a column today, notes that the Kings have been aggressively pursuing a point guard and Houston Rockets guard Aaron Brooks is, according to source, someone who the Kings are ‘aggressively pursuing.’

Better yet, they need Geoff Petrie to acquire a more conventional point guard – or a player whose skills would better complement those of Evans – and accelerate the learning process. (The Kings are aggressively pursuing a move and reportedly have inquired about Atlanta’s Jeff Teague and Houston’s Aaron Brooks, among others, though team officials declined to comment on the speculation.)

Of course, it’s all speculation in this post from here on out, but with the Rockets struggling, it would make a lot of sense if they were back on their Draft Day targets. DeMarcus Cousins is someone the Rockets were reportedly very high on. I don’t think the Kings would give him up for Brooks straight up, but with both teams reeling, it could be something to think about.

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