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Aaron Brooks Hoping To Return On Dec 10th’s Jason Friedman, who has been tasked with keeping us all updated on every Rockets injury, poor guy, is reporting that Aaron Brooks is looking to make it back sooner this month, rather than later.

"Going straight and running isn’t a problem, as much as the lateral stuff and stopping," said Brooks. "It’s better than yesterday. The movement and shooting layups that’s a little different, it’s the first time doing that. I did some slides today – that’s my first time doing that.

"It’s getting better each day. It’s been difficult. I haven’t been in this situation before. It seems like a lot of our starters have been out and I’ve always been the guy saying, ‘Hurry up and get back.’ Being in this position doesn’t feel real good.

"I think we’re shooting for the 10th (to return). The 10th would be 5 weeks (from the time of his injury); we said 4-6 (weeks), so somewhere between 4-6 weeks. I don’t know."

While it sounds like he’s not totally devoted to his hypothesis, it’s definitely good news for the Rockets that Brooks is stepping up his rehab. The team needs someone who can create their own shot in a desperate way right now with Yao Ming also out. Brooks may not be Yao back to the court, but his return is a lot more likely to be a permanent thing for the rest of this season.

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