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Report: Anthony Randolph Is Still A Rockets Target

The New York Daily News has a piece up about the feasibility of the Knicks attaining Carmelo Anthony. No surprise, they think it’s doable, but they think the team needs to find a first round pick in exchange for physical specimen Anthony Randolph. Who will provide that first rounder? Maybe…the Rockets?

Anthony Randolph’s value to the Knicks can’t be measured in points and rebounds. Instead, he could be the guy who gets them Carmelo Anthony.

The Knicks have fielded calls from several Western Conference clubs regarding a deal for Randolph, according to a team source. The most compelling conversations have been with the Houston Rockets, who in one scenario would trade the Knicks the first-round pick they obtained in last year’s Tracy McGrady deal.

Well, I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask for the moon. But regardless, I have a tough time believing that the Rockets would trade a first rounder for a guy who has seen just 9 minutes of action a game, no matter how much they love his stuff.

I could see Anthony Randolph in a Rockets jersey one day. Just not at that price, not now.

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