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Yao Still Has No Timetable, Neither Does Aaron Brooks’s Jason Friedman, who has a great background Twitter picture, for whatever that is worth,is reporting that there is no timetable at this point for the returns of Aaron Brooks or Yao Ming.

Yao, who hurt his foot against the Wizards on November 10th, has now been out a solid month with his tendon strain in his foot. He told Houston Chronicle reporter Jonathan Feigen that he thinks he’s ready, but the Rockets doctors and training staff still want him to strengthen his ankle further. Instead of taking this as a day-to-day injury, at this point you have to consider it a week-to-week one.

Brooks, who incurred a severe ankle sprain after rolling his ankle on Manu Ginobli’s foot, is practicing with the team. But he also has no timetable for his return, and he’s not practicing in full yet. You can probably expect this one to take at least another week. The original diagnosis was about 4-6 weeks to recover, and Brooks is now starting Week 5.

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